The photo is more and more present in our daily lives. We all want to make shots worthy of a pro. Here are some tips for a rather nice scene setting.

Today in our dailies, the photos are more present than ever . It must be said that when they had the good idea to put a lens on our phones, we started taking pictures more easily.
And then came Instagram, Pinterest , and other applications that using filters make you become a fabulous photographer. Evening at the beach, lightly sunset X-pro filter, a little more luminosity, I saturate slightly, and here I am just waiting to see now how many small hearts will appear.

Vocations were born like that. Bloggers and brands quickly realized that making great photos on social networks was paramount .

What is rather funny is that, as time goes on, photos with stereotyped staging have become safe values ​​on networks. I take my feet seen from above, I take my plate, I put of back …
Sometimes it is necessary to make standard pictures to leave the room.

I found all this very interesting to the point that I wanted to write an article on this subject.
What are the pros’s advice for pretty productions? the basics of the photo? How to make beautiful pictures?

Let’s start with the beginning. Opening, filling, lenses …. so many terms with which I really find it difficult to familiarize myself. They are not necessarily used with Smartphones. But what we do not suspect is that most Stars of social networks, take their photos with a digital camera.
Fortunately some people took matters into their own hands. Coralie du blog They talk about it  has written several fabulous articles on the photo. One of which tells us all the basics, HERE . She really puts very simple words on things that we do not understand.

We must have an eye . Taking beautiful pictures does not just mean having a good camera and making good adjustments. You also have to frame a picture, have the sensitivity necessary to say “there is too much light for this atmosphere …” Or other small things that make your photo will have the little trick in addition. On this subject it is the blog Nem Graphisme which comes to your succour its asctuces for the stagings.

Other site for another tip. The site Momondo interviewed Tomas Sondergaard, star of Instagram, to take pictures in original way, HERE . I loved this article for its sincerity and all the sensitivity that one can find there. Atypical advice that really makes the difference. A way of doing the staging but with the external elements that one does not master.

This is for me the type of staging best known on social networks in recent years. Behind this often unknown name lies a widespread technique. We put everything flat and take a picture high.

You never did? I do not believe you. We like its clean appearance, and its mood board side, we put everything close and it’s great. But contrary to what one might think, it is not so easy to do that. No, do not swing the entirety of your handbag on your bed saying: “It’s not perfect, it does it”

The Photo Trend website explains everything about the Flat Lay Here  , it is really a very complete article.

And then my blog blog They talk about it also wrote on the subject. She explains her way of making a flat Lay HERE , with her sweet words and pink pictures.



Intagram Accounts of Fraise Basilic and Delicisous and Helthy

Food pictures are the big stars of networks . They make you want to, show the last places you’ve tested … In addition the wave Slow / healthy food incites to show everyone the last vegan dish you’ve tested. You are in the place. (Ok I have a little bit of irony there)

Photographing pastry is one of my pleasures for my Instagram account . But it is an art to put forward these good things. The photo food setting is full of hidden tricks. Here are two articles that tell us a little more. First of all  the Leaf blog HERE   to take pictures of your latest recipes as a pro.

There is also  Madame le Figaro HERE   which gives you advice exclusively for Instagram. I found this interesting because it must be said that today it is on this app that we put the most photos I think.

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